Shoji Works Cushioned Hairbrush
Shoji Works Cushioned Hairbrush

Shoji Works Cushioned Hairbrush

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Untangle entanglements, remove dust and dirt, stimulate the scalp – it all happens with the brush. 

Each brush is made with natural boar and black pig hair bristles. Since natural boar and pig hair contain oil, static electricity (the great enemy for beautiful hair) is avoided. Bristles have moderate elasticity and hardness, so the hair isn’t excessively burdened but the scalp is stimulated, blood circulation is improved and a massaging effect is obtained.

  • 9.75" L x 2.75"  W x 1.5" H
  • Hand made

Shoji Works was founded in 1918 and is the only ‘start to finish’ manufacturer of brushes in Japan. Made with walnut and other finest quality woods and materials, worked and finished by hand.

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