Cereria Molla Diffusers 3.4oz
Cereria Molla Diffusers 3.4oz
Cereria Molla Diffusers 3.4oz
Cereria Molla Diffusers 3.4oz
Cereria Molla Diffusers 3.4oz

Cereria Molla Diffusers 3.4oz

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A quality handmade collection where you can find a an aroma that will excite you. Each scent is inspired by the land, bathed by unique aromas of the mountains and caressed by the Mediterranean breeze.

Depending on how many reeds are used and the ambient room conditions your diffuser could last up to 2 months.

  • 3.40z
  • Handmade in Spain since 1899

Click on your favorite scent above and find out more:


Bergamotto di Calabria - Warm Mysore Sandalwood combined with the vigorous freshness of Bergamotto di Calibria lends nuances of Cardamon and Lemon that transport you to the Mediterranean island.


Black Orchid and Lily - Complex fragrance that captivates with its green notes and its fruits full of naturalness. A spicy combination with a base composed of musk and woody notes, providing an elegant touch to the fragrance.


Moroccan Cedar - Addictive and captivating fragrance designed with spicy touches, woody and sweet mixtures that makes it unique.


Tuberose and Jasmin - Exquisite fresh fragrance with green notes and powerful Floral heart, where the Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Narcissus bring back memories of the Andalusian floral patios.


Velvet Wood - Explosive combination of spicy and aromatic notes where the spices fuse with lavender to achieve an extreme and deep mixture. The tobacco contributes masculinity to the composition. The vanilla smoothens the notes of tobacco and they add a comfortable aspect to the fragrance.

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